Meet the Team - Naas

Kerry Stewart Greene MVB

Veterinary Surgeon

I am interested in feline medicine and soft tissue surgery.

My dog Lola is 1 year old stuffy/lurcher cross who loves the “Zoomies” And 2 cats Storm and Rogue – storm follows Kerry everywhere and rogue loves a good scratch.

My favourite celebrity animal is Winnie the Pooh.

Aisling Flynn MVB​

Veterinary Surgeon​

I am interested in surgery, in particular orthopaedics and animal behaviour.

I have one dog. Sandy is a 4 year old retired greyhound and loves to come into Naas to visit everyone.

My favourite celebrity animal is Marcel from Friends.

Michelle Murray

Head Nurse

I have a keen interest in surgical nursing and wound management.

I have two pets. Phoebe is a 7 year old Jack Russell who thinks she’s human and Tiger is a ‘feisty’ 18-year old cat that rules the roost.

My favourite celeb animal is Marie from Aristocats.

Aoife McGuinness RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am very interested in Regenerative medicine e.g. Stem cells and Post op care. 

I have a little Jack Russell called casper who’s a little “round”.

My favourite pet animal is Simba.

Sharon Walshe


At Highfield, I focus mainly on client communication, admin and sales.

My dog Harry is a 5 year old Caviller King Charles who’s “French” nickname “Jabobeen”.

My favourite celebrity animal is Wally the Walrus.