Veterinary Dental Care

Veterinary Dental Care

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Job Description

Throughout their lives, over 70% of cats and dogs will develop oral health issues, with the chances increasing significantly after the age of three. Unfortunately, many pets live with these problems in silence, until the dental disease is severe. We recommend scheduling regular veterinary dental health check-ups for your pet to catch any potential problems early and reduce the risk of infections, tooth decay and tooth and bone loss. It’s also important to be familiar with the signs of dental disease. Some signs are listed below:

– Bad breath

– Reduction in appetite

– Sensitivity around the mouth (may be indicated by pawing)

– Red, swollen or bleeding gums

– Difficulty eating and chewing (such as dropping food, eating slowly, only chewing on one side of the mouth or refusing to eat hard food)

– Cracked, chipped or loose teeth

– Plaque build up and staining

There are a number of serious consequences of poor pet dental care and in severe cases infections can result in issues affecting internal organs. However, even a basic issue such as decreased appetite will cause weight-loss and prevent your pet getting the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy.

Helping Your Pet’s Oral Health

Your pet’s teeth should be brushed regularly but this needs to be accompanied by regular veterinary dental health check-ups in order for us to assess the state of the gums and teeth and check for lesions or abscesses in the mouth. Some breeds are more prone to dental disease even with a good diet and home oral hygiene routine such as toy breeds. At Highfield we provide a full range of pet dental health services, including full-anaesthetised scale and polish to clean the teeth and improve oral health, tooth extraction, remediation for periodontal disease and oral surgery.

Our vets are trained in pet dental care and are experts in diagnosing and treating oral hygiene issues. If you have any concerns about your pet’s oral health or want to book a check-up, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Why Highfield?

  • Varied caseloads which help to build upon your clinical skills and knowledge
  • Large and diverse peer support system and mentoring programs
  • Competitive salaries
  • Professional development opportunities
  • State of the art veterinary equipment
  • All of our staff attend regular training to keep up-to-date with current trends and techniques, these training opportunities are both in house and external
  • Team building and social activities are encouraged

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