New Pet Inductions

New Pet Inductions

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Job Description

Getting a new pet and providing for their early life at your home takes a significant amount of preparation. A household should be fully set up for the new pet’s arrival before it comes as the early weeks of your pet’s life are key for its comfort in its new environment. Apart from the home care that is necessary, your new pet will also require a range of medical treatments (vaccinations and parasite treatments), which should be clearly scheduled to avoid missing important dates and putting your pet’s health at risk. 

Important considerations for your pet’s early life:

  • Their living environment (bedding, toilet training space)
  • Vaccination schedule – as advised by one of our vets
  • Exercise and feeding schedule
  • Toys and entertainment 
  • Scratching posts (for cats)
  • Animal-proofing house (removing toxic plants or potentially hazardous materials)

Puppy Socialisation Schedule

For puppies especially it is important that they are introduced to certain elements of their environment at a young age. This is vital for them not to develop lifelong fears (such as of hoovers or fireworks). This is known as their socialisation process and a successful one can set them up to deal with many challenges they may face in the future (such as young babies or other animal species). A puppy’s socialisation period will also see it introduced to toilet training, being kept on a lead and dealing with separation anxiety. 

We are happy to help new owners through the early stages of their life with their pet, giving detailed advice on the best approaches and providing regular monitoring of their adaption process. We can also recommend fantastic behaviourists if you would like some professional help training you pet. 

Why Highfield?

  • Varied caseloads which help to build upon your clinical skills and knowledge
  • Large and diverse peer support system and mentoring programs
  • Competitive salaries
  • Professional development opportunities
  • State of the art veterinary equipment
  • All of our staff attend regular training to keep up-to-date with current trends and techniques, these training opportunities are both in house and external
  • Team building and social activities are encouraged

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